Spring Plant Sale 2014

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 25 –27
10 a.m.– 3 p.m.
Plant sale features uncommon plants from the garden and specialty nurseries Lael’s Moon Garden and the Rhododendron Garden.
Plus garden décor, pots, naturalistic bird feeders, & more.
Free admission to the garden.

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We are pleased to have specialty nurseries Lael's Moon Garden and the Rhododendron Garden Nursery, join us in our spring plant sale. They will be bringing their own special assortments of perennials, shrubs, a variety of plants in the primrose family, and many more favorites.

We will offer many uncommon plant varieities from Chase and from our volunteers' gardens. Look for trilliums, fawn lilies, assorted ferns, and groundcovers to add to your collections.

The plants are hardy and the prices very reasonable. Bring your ideas, your cameras, and your friends!

Read about some of Larry Lael's "outstanding plants picks" to whet your appetite.

In the left column are some popular plants we plan to have from the Chase Garden:

Cyclamen hederifolium

Anemone nemorosa, wood anemone

Blechum penna-marina, Alpine water fern

Polystichum munitum, sword fern

Adiantum venustum,
Himalayan maidenhair fern

Lonicera pileata, privet honeysuckle

Pieris japonica photo courtesy of Lael's Moon Garden; other photos in these two columns, courtesy of Great Plant Picks

On the second are some of the favorites that Lael's Moon Garden plans to bring:

Pieris japonica,
little heath

Asplenium scolopendrium,
hart's tongue fern


Ribes-sanguineum, flowering currant (will bring to plant sale if it's in bloom!)

Calluna vulgaris 'Firefly', heather 'Firefly'

Calluna vulgaris
'Spring Torch', heather 'Spring Torch'